Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow girl

Day 366 - End of Year One.

So here it is. The end of year one of electric lion. Part of me doesn't really want to write much but I feel obliged to myself to have some words written down for future reference, so like this entire project, here is another self-indulgence.

I may never have mentioned why I started this project. There isn't a clear reason, as such, but Stephanie likes the photos I take and had on rare occasion requested i send her photos. I.e. take a photo for her and send it to her on a consistent basis (a simple and symbolic way to stay connected when living far away). The desire to do that mixed with a sudden fire inside me to work...and work Hard started the idea. I grabbed my camera and took mister toad over to bryan's house and ended up photographing his kid noah. I arbitrarily chose a name, arbitrarily decided to host it on instead of my normal site, and randomly decided to host the images on flickr because I wanted to be a bit more involved on that site. And that was electric lion's start.

I set up rules for myself. Let's see how I did.

1_ must take a photo on any given day - pretty sure i did this. if i missed a day, i'll give myself a break since its a leap year.
2_ photo i post isn't necessarily the shot for the day - this happened the majority of the time.
3_ film + placeholder stuff - this happened a lot too, but mostly after I amassed enough images i'd just post something else. rule 2 took a life of its own. i never made a rule that i HAD to note what i shot that day...i just had to shoot.
4_ goal = classic photos, not gimmicks - at a glance, i think i actually pulled this one off. really all that means is I didn't create a photo with a technique that would embarrass me later in life.
5_ not internet = not an excuse - check it...i went back and made up for all the days i missed from not having access.
6_ day missed = project over - this puts rule 1 more in stone. i feel good about 1 and 6.
7_ self portraits okay, if a touch lame - i count only 4 i'd really call a self portrait in the whole project. there are a few more than that with me IN the shot, but they weren't s/p technically speaking. i may have taken a couple more than this over the course of the year as well, but it looks like only 4 of 366 qualify. nice.
8_ enjoy the process, push yourself, don't be an asshole - check, check, and i HOPE check. i dont feel like an asshole, so lets hope thats how it translated to everyone else too.

I'm pretty happy with it. The idea was simple enough. Take a shot, try not to make it suck, be honest. I think this project serves well as a glimpse into what my life looked like this year. Lots of [the same] friends [over and over], some family, my sister going through chemotherapy, delving into the world of 4x5 finally, which lead the way to developing said 4x5 film, a LOT more travel than i expected this year (the job at the beginning of the year took me all over the southeast and I actually followed through on a whimsical joke-promise about taking a trip with john yam, as well as an impromptu visit to portland to visit garrett and helen), a lot of fun work for mental_floss, some time in new york, a lot more time with steph, reconnecting with people, and of course, taking pictures no matter how mundane the day may seem. There were quite a few shots that turned out a lot more interesting than i'd ever have expected which is encouraging to me to continue shooting all the time. There were plenty that didn't come out how i wanted them too but that's just how it goes. The serendipitous joy of finding photographs I love in unexpected places far outweighs the disappointment of the failure of a single idea.

Here are some favorites and some notes on those images (remember, these are notes for me...I don't expect you to care):

Day 028 - this is a perfect example of a shot I took for posterity because I was in the village in the winter and it was snowing. it is a shot I would be happy to find in a shoebox at an estate sale, as weird as that may seem. It ended up being slightly more special (in an additionally morbid way) because I photographed Taylor Shaw while I was up there and he shared with me a song he'd just written that contained a line "spread my ashes over manhattan".

Day 060 - I really had fun photographing Matthew. Not much else to this...I just like the shot and enjoyed making it.

Day 071 - all I need is to see Jamric in this hat, metering a llama, in the snow. it is really all i need to see.

Day 110 - This represents to me a particularly good example of learned adaptation mixing with instinct and style. The setting for this photo was Way less than what par should have been but it ended up fruiting (fruiting?) one of my favorite images from the regions campaign. I'm proud of this image on a number of levels. It also makes me appreciate having a stylist on hand to make choices about color. the red shirt was by way of chatham.

Day 150 - Not sure what to say about it. Just love it.

Day 219 - an especially successful 4x5 polaroid. alan with a hairicane.

Day 232 - despite the lomo being in its last gasps of breath, this shot came out to be very pretty. pretty for pretty's sake. I wish I had taken it from the beach.

Day 286 - Lush + Alabania. Shot that makes me happy.

Day 337 - Come on. It's kevin with a huge bomb. Also it was a very fun shot to create.

Day 351 - More shooting with instinct. Really this one is on this list because I think its beautiful but more importantly it tells me I worked hard the whole year and even in December I produced photographs I love.

So that's it. End of year one. Any requests or ideas for Electric Lion Mark II?

Here is Steph and David. It seemed appropriate to post a photo of stephanie. Now to go take a photo for today.

el_366 - end of year one

Snow White Dream Girl Doll

I am finally getting back to whatever normal is! My in laws had a wonderful holiday visit. My daughter got everything she could want from Santa...Including Hannah Montana's Malibu house! And my hubby is really enjoying the time off from school.
So now it is time to plan the new year. I have many new softie designs started and MANY custom orders I am working on.

Wait till you see the Mommy Lion Spring line!
I am thinking of including a line of note cards featuring my softies. Tell me what you think of that idea!! Also some badges and maybe even a few t-shirts with plush designs on them!

I would love your ideas and opinions!!

Here is my latest listing on my etsy shop
It is my Snowgirl...finally listed!
Happy New Year to all. Lets make it a wonderful year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 365


Spring Clovers

Get a jump on your Spring accessories! I am just finishing up some clovers to wear or to hang. Being that my hubby is Irish, I just love green plush designs... I have been designing some Irish "Lucky Charms"... Plush of course and I am coming up with a Dream Girl Leprechaun...maybe even a little boy! Check back and see. Hugs!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Neko Case "Star Witness" from meredith norwood on Vimeo.

Day 363

more david. i plan on having a long rambly blog sometime soon reflecting, if predictably, about this project.


A few new items

It is time to start thinking Spring! At least it is for designers. I am starting to list my new pieces. See what you think! Come see my new shop at or

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bright Kite

I'm not really sure what the purpose of BrightKite is. I guess it would be more useful if i lived somewhere where all my friends had it, and they all lived in close vicinity. A good thing is that if i update on BrightKite, it updates on my twitter, so my twitter readers know where i am (if they really want to know).

I've decided that it's best to keep it private. which takes away even more, an original purpose in having BrightKite. While i was in NY, i got all sorts of friend requests and messages. I assume that's normal really. but i changed over to private. I have no clue who these people are. And that's a little scary sometimes.

The above map shows my weak little friend's list. and it tells me when they update. granted most of those people are in different states, including myself, but still, we're all pretty far apart.

Day 359


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 358

a make shift thingy while im gone. kevin. being awesome.


38 hours

That's how many I have spent in airports the past few days.

My new flight just got delayed again.


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Lollishop Ad

Hi everyone!
I just found out that Lollishops first ad will be out Jan. 1, 2009 in the Winter issue of Somerset Life. Here is a link to my new Mommy Lion Design shop. My little pink Valentine doll is now on sale. She is in the ad. Come see!!


Explain to me the phenomenon of how people can feel other people's eyes on them?

I'm in Memphis still, my flight was cancelled. Been in Memphis since 1PM, it's now 7PM. Not to mention I work up today at 5 to make it to the airport. But. I should be home tonight! I am completely exhausted and the cold I had before the trip that was almost better, is a little worse. I need some new contacts!


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In Hebrew, "chai" translates to "life."


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But also kind of expected.

My last flight home is delayed over 3 hours at this point. And my luggage is still in Laguardia.

Also just to let you know some more ridiculousness, this morning. Something happened with my orbitz flight number and it wouldn't register in their system. So not only this but there was a huge line. I was cutting it extremely close. Luckily the guy at the counter saw the insanity that I had been through on the 19th and took pity on me and got it worked out for me. Awesome.

And then I ran to the gate and got on just in time.


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2 am

Last night around 2 am, my phone rang, I didn't answer in time, but it was a private number. I tried to call back then gave up after no answer. Soon after, it called again and I picked up this time. I said hello a few times and no one answered, then I heard someone moaning. It became an obvious moaning from a guy.. Pleasing himself. I hung up, he called back about 3 more times.

So I layed back in bed, pretty freaked out.

I mean, what?


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Monday, December 22, 2008


I never got my luggage. Thanks delta. But it should be headed towards Birmingham now thanks to my mom! As long as I get it back I will be happy. In the meantime I hope I don't offend anyone if I smell!

Lauren just got hers tonight. And now she gets clean clothes for the flight back home.


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Moma is amazing. Unfortunately we didn't spend all day there, because we wanted to do other things too. But I did get to see a lot. I took a lot of pictures. Will share!

Carolina and Charlie left this morning and Lauren and Teresa and I went to Chinatown. It took a while to find food but we finally did. And after that we went to a place called dragon land for dessert cakes and black tea with tapioca. My tea was strawberry flavored and my cake looked like a bee!

We looked in the stores and eventually made it over to little Italy, where we stopped into a nice restaurant and split a bottle of wine and an appetizer.

Tomorrow Lauren and I have to be up at about 5. Ugh.


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Day 357


Little Italy!

Sansone red wine and bitsie's baby artichokes!

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And now my legs are feeling the effects of walking all day. This morning I had a hard time getting up. We're in the museum of modern art right now. I could spend a good week or so here.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I forgot or thing. When we were walking back from the library, we went through Bryant park, where there were stands set up selling amazing things, wish I had bought more! And we saw the ice rink there, and hope to come back tomorrow to skate.

At that point tn, fog was clearing and we saw the sun come out for the first time since we'd been there. And we got to see empire state building again, better with clearer skies, and the Chrysler building!!

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This morning we started out the same way as yesterday, and got bagels at the place across the street. Its more like a gas station is in the south, but smaller and compact, and the bagels are good!

We made our way to NBC for the tour. It was so ispiring! I left motivated to try to get a job in TV. Weren't allowed to take phots on the tour, so I only have my memory. Sad.

On the way back to times square, we stopped at magnolia bakery, which is supposed to be famous. All of us got cupcakes, mine was pretty much too sweet for me, and I haven't been hungry much at all this week. But it was pretty!

We needed to go to h&m to get lauren some clothes, and on the way passed by and saw the empire state building and stopped at the public library. And there was a little art deco gallery, inside which I loved. Best era ever.

We stopped at the tckt booth and got some tickets to see spamalot with clay aiken later on. We walked over to a recommended pizza place, where we sat for a long time and just talked and Carolina slept! And went to see grand central. There was a fair going on, and we walked through some of it and saw a lot of really neat things!

And then it was time for spamalot. Everyone else loved it, I honestly didn't love it, it was alright. I liked parts. I had a hard time in the middle keeping myself awake. Lastnight I didn't go to sleep til 5.

The last thing we did was ride to soho. Unfortunately it was late and everything was closing, and we ended up at a tapas place called boqueria. And all tried lots of things, a lot of it new, like duck and boiled oysters and quail. Teresa, lauren, and I split an expensive bottle of wine.

That's the summary of happenings. Right now I need to get sleep, and I hope to post other thoughts later on. For now, I need to record what happened for the sake of my memory!

Good night!!

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Day 356


Snowball Pin

Meet snowball! She is a small 3" x 3" Snow doll pin that I have just listed on my Etsy shop at
I start all of my designs from sketches. I then stitch the face by looking at my sketch. It is like drawing with a needle and thread.
Then I create the rest of her head and hat. The beading is the fun part. I love matching the colors of my beads and sequins.
I have a few Spring designs in the making now. Come back and see them in a few days!


After we couldn't get in touch with the baggage people on the phone. We left for the airport. Stopped across from central park and got hot dogs. It was so cold outside that I tried to eat it as fast as possible so I could put my hands in my pockets.

We started out on the subway to get to JFK, which took over an hour at least, to make it to the train station, after which you take a train to the airport. Me and Carolina stayed at the train because we didn't want to pay to go, and didn't really need to for any reason. Teresa and Lauren went to find out about their luggage situation. After a while T relayed to us it was going to take much longer. So me and Carolina went to Chinatown. We stopped in a few stores, best Asian stuff abounds, but we bought a good bit of souveniers that were more new york themed! We also stopped at a bakery and split some sort of melon pastry.

Officially, I gave up on getting my luggage back, and I was desperately feezing. I bought a hoodie and a much needed pair of gloves. I feel much better in the weather with the extra layers!

Also. The best part of Chinatown. We were only in Chinatown for a little over an hour I think. But we were walking, and Carolina had mentioned before that she wanted to try acupuncture. I saw a sign and pointed it out to her, pretty much joking. But, we walk in, and there are a bunch of people standing around talking, and Carolina talks me into doing it with her. There were plenty of communication problems and it was seedy. Of course. But hey , adventure.

We go in and put our coats in these tubs by the tables. In a bunch of confusion and asking them what to do, I end up facedown with my sweater still on, confused, and Carolina is next to me, no curtain or wall between us, and she's topless.

Carolina tells the story better. But basically we didn't realize that acupuncture is more medical. And what we had was accupressure. It was a really good massage! And can't beat that price.

After telling teresa about it, she is instantly interested in going back and getting one herself. !

The subway system took up a lot of the day, but its a learning experience and those are never bad. When me and Carolina were off on our own was the most real. I think we were in a stop in queens at one point, it was the first place that I felt in danger. Just some scary looking people around, so I avoided eye contact and tried not to act like I was not the only one with a pastel coat. Everyone else was in black. I learned that before the hour of 8 PM, if you are on a subway. Its best to not look at anyone and act really upset about everything. After 8, its ok to act a little happier. But still eye contact is bad. Hah
But that's what I think I learned after one real day of it. Tomorrow may be different.

We all had reservations at Sardi's at 730. We ended up there at 9 PM.
Carolina and I met up with Charlie at the restaurant and all ordered the swordfish. Which pretty much tasted like chicken. Soon enough Teresa and Lauren show up and we all get beautiful desserts. The characters on the wall are all either unknown to us, or they are too cartooned for us to recognize!

There is so much more to tell! But I will continue tomorrow. The rest of the night was spent in times square. Amazing! And toys r us was open 24 hours, and it was amazing of course. Pictures can explain it best. For now I must get some sleep. Its almost 5 am. But I don't feel tired. Tomorrow we tour NBC!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 355

11 days away.

here is another polaroid of david. i know its super dramatic. i cant help waiting for film to get back and wednesday really cant come fast enough (assuming the lab gets it uploaded then). im headed to my mom's place tomorrow for a secret plan hatched by my sister and i. then holiday nonsense. then im back. i can't guarantee posts over this period but i'll do my best for sure. year one is almost over.

which would you rather have.... (if applicable)

1) a print sale
2) a self published book of images to buy
3) something else

either way i think i cant stop electric lion...which means after a year of this i will finally have to work on a better interface.

so yeah..anyway...a hero polaroid of paleo.


Still no luggage.

I am starting to get pissed about that because I still can't charge my phone. We are all splitting this hand charger Lauren has that goes through batteries very quickly. And I need to just buy contact stuff and a toothbrush and better shoes and some gloves. Which sucks because the stuff I bought for the trip is in my missing luggage.

Other than that we had bagels for breakfast and went to the american museum of natural history. And it was awesome.

Right now were in the room trying to figure out how to file a claim for teresas luggage. It says we have to go there personally. Which is an hour by subway. Within those 2 hours we should be shopping or exploring. But no.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 354


Second part.

So. I got to new york. But. Luggage lost as expected. Got a cab ride to hotel because I didn't know where everyone else was. Turns out they made it to lion king. But for me to take a taxi there from where I was would cost a fortune and lots of time. And I'm too scared to take the subway by myself. At night. For the first time. I decided to stay in.

Carolina had checked in before and gotten keys so I thought I had to wait in lobby til they got back. Turns out that this hotel is completely insane. The guy who acted really drunk but kept explaining how tired he was because he had been working 18 hours, have me a key to a room. He said 301 but the paper said 310. Tried 310. Didn't work. So I tried the other room. And some guy comes out kind of abruptly and I had to explain myself.

Went back, got another key to another room. Didn't work. Did that another time. And then finally he gave me a key that worked. I got to know the belhop pretty well though. He lived in the caribbean and does not recommend living in ny. I walked in to a sweltering room and called the guy back up again. Great start to the hotel as well. But all things considered, I have a very positive attitude about it. If you ignore my breakdown in Washington. I was in tears.

I'm here typing this now. And I hope my phone battery doesn't die before they call in the morning asking for the "secret code" so they will leave the luggage here.

And now I just talked to Teresa. They're coming to meet up with me and we're going to get some dinner!

Til tomorrow. Hope I have my luggage.

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I tried to stay positive, and I was, until my 3rd flight was cancelled. And then I just broke down, because by then I had been walking constantly, unless I was sitting on a plane, since 5am. Its now almost 7 and I'm waiting on what I hope will get me to new york. I have been all over the east side of the us. Ignoring the bad, that's kind of exciting! I haven't been able to eat much because I've been chasing down people to get them to put me on a plane.

Missed the lion king. I will get in at 9 and get a taxi. And so begins our new york adventure. With a rocky start. But I'm still thinking positive. I refuse to give in!!

I feel like I'm tom hanks in that airport movie.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 351



I'm going to admit it, just this once. It would be nice to have internet at home, and a new Mac, and CS4. One day I will do it. But for now I got peanut butter and free leftover electronics.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 349

david and some zerbras. im looking forward to seeing the film on every single thing we shot.


10 Days Till Christmas!

I am not sure how to get it all done in ten days! I haven't put the tree up yet because my in laws are coming and they have visual problems. See we have a huge 7' white tree and I am afraid it will be hard for them to get around all the decorations. So tomorrow I am going to get a small tree and put it in the corner of the family room so it is out of their way.
Last night my husband and daughter and I the Middle School chorus class to the Virginia Beach Festival of lights. It was so beautiful! A full moon glowing on the ocean waves and beautiful lights wrapping the boardwalk. It would have been very romantic if we didn't have a bus of screaming kids!
Anyway, they all had a great time including hot chocolate for all that sang.

On another note, I have a small illustration of a gingerbread house that I have been sending as a small tag with all of my Etsy purchases this month. Thought you might like to see it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Candy Cane Angel Doll

I finally finished my candy cane angel. She is all hand sewn!
I wanted to make an angel that might remind people of the importance of prayer.
She is peaceful and sweet and a perfect reminder of how lucky we all are, especially now during the holidays!
I have started some of my Spring designs and will be making an angel like this for Valentines day! Stop back soon to see her.

Day 343

more testing of the thing. i hate lighting.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Day 337

here is a shot for the upcoming Jan-Feb issue of mental_floss. its part of the cover story all about big questions for 2009. check it out when it hits news stands!