Friday, September 16, 2011

Patterns & Transitions

Has it really been five months since I last posted a blog? A lot has happened in that time. John and I moved to DC. I’m just now getting my studio days back. A lot to say on that, but first photos!

In April we went to Morocco. My gravitational pull towards patterns and textures is unrelenting. If you want a glimpse of our trip as well, here’s the photo essay.

In July we were in Santa Fe for the International Folk Art Market (and to visit John’s parents), and while there went to one of their museums dedicated to folk arts. It was an impressive place and the pictures capture all that inspired me – color, patterns, textiles, stories and symbols on textiles, untrained forms and clear expressions.

I expect my next blog to have more verbal expression as I begin again in a new place and studio space amidst all that is happening. In the meantime, I hope my photos can speak for me.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A plastic sheet

We have made a product sample of a plastic sheet targeted at children.
The design is colorful, having a lot of characters which, we hope, childre might like. Painter's friend who have two kids came up with this idea, suggesting that we should see children as big market since there are huge child population. We are not sure if the reason mentioned is right or not however the idea is interesting.
We are going to contract production of it out after the idea is made more clear.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How we're able to make us popular??

Good ideas or things are not always promised its success, "Why??".
The most inportant factor is, we think, advertisement. We are currently using "Facebook" and "Twitter" linked with this page to let as many people as we can know what we are doing. This attempt has been continued for almost two month however the result is not as good as we expected.
So an improvement seems to be needed immediately.

The following is improvements which we come up with.
  1. Consult an web design company about our facebook page.

  2. Put more effective visual infprmation into our page.

  3. Start official our home page.

Official home page will be opened end of this year and will become core sending more detailed-information about us. Facebook, twitter and blog will support it to help peopel getting to know us.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New work is coming

Hello everyone.
Today, we are happy to present new work titled " Tower in bule sky" to you.
This work, painter told me , has been sleeping in her mind for a long time however she didn't make idea real work until now because the details didn't be decided.
As title "Tower in bule sky", big tower is seen in the middle of picture, meaning that it is like a bridge between earth and space. Only this is what I was heard from her.

New information about this work will be given to you as soon as possible.

How about "Post card"!?

First of all, we shoud say "sorry" for not seletcting second deisgn yet for "Sand Picture".
More time is needed.
Instead of it, we have a news for you today, "Post Card" using our works. The desing left-hand is a rough one so if "Post Card" is on sale, we are sure, its quality will satisfy you. we are going to go ahead with this plan immediately to present it with "Sand Picture" at the same time.

Another problem has been happened that we spent 35% of our fund for two projects.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Which design suit "Sand Picture"

"Sand Picture" using our works was decided to become our first things which we can give you yesterday. Now we have been on the process selecting two designs, one's done however another one has not yet so today we are gong to show one design and will put another on as soon as we finish selecting.

A tool for making sand pictures has been ordered toady and on the way to us, arriving in three days.
We are looking forward to presenting good results to you.