Friday, April 22, 2011

Winter Sketches

This past winter was tough. There was just too much snow and cold for much too long and somewhere along the way my spirits slumped. While I put all my remaining energies into training for a half marathon in mid March (did quite well, actually: 2:03), little was left to inspire me to be in my studio in any consistent way. The images below are of two occasions in which I did do something. Not much, but a little something.

One weekend morning I curled up in a chair in my studio with a sketchbook and pencil in hand. A lot was going on in my mind, I was feeling down, but there were no words to express what I was feeling. For an hour I just drew, letting my hand visualize thoughts and feelings, page after page, until I finished the entire sketchbook, 28 pages in all. Below are some of the more interesting ones, with the full series here.

A month later I was was seeking inspiration from the myriad of stuff in my studio that I've collected over the years. I came across my grandmother's buttons, a small but hefty box which is only a quarter of her stash, the rest divided among my mom, sister, and niece. There are unusual and fanciful ones, delicate and beautiful ones, chunky and gaudy ones. They are from different time periods, of varying sizes and materials, and all hues of color.

Sets of like kind were strung together. It was interesting to see what marks they could make. Others were big loners that made great imprinted marks. For the full series, go here.

The days flip between warm and cool, sunny and cloudy. But it's spring. It's spring and I feel rejuvenated and inspired again...