Friday, September 16, 2011

Patterns & Transitions

Has it really been five months since I last posted a blog? A lot has happened in that time. John and I moved to DC. I’m just now getting my studio days back. A lot to say on that, but first photos!

In April we went to Morocco. My gravitational pull towards patterns and textures is unrelenting. If you want a glimpse of our trip as well, here’s the photo essay.

In July we were in Santa Fe for the International Folk Art Market (and to visit John’s parents), and while there went to one of their museums dedicated to folk arts. It was an impressive place and the pictures capture all that inspired me – color, patterns, textiles, stories and symbols on textiles, untrained forms and clear expressions.

I expect my next blog to have more verbal expression as I begin again in a new place and studio space amidst all that is happening. In the meantime, I hope my photos can speak for me.

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