Sunday, September 4, 2011

How we're able to make us popular??

Good ideas or things are not always promised its success, "Why??".
The most inportant factor is, we think, advertisement. We are currently using "Facebook" and "Twitter" linked with this page to let as many people as we can know what we are doing. This attempt has been continued for almost two month however the result is not as good as we expected.
So an improvement seems to be needed immediately.

The following is improvements which we come up with.
  1. Consult an web design company about our facebook page.

  2. Put more effective visual infprmation into our page.

  3. Start official our home page.

Official home page will be opened end of this year and will become core sending more detailed-information about us. Facebook, twitter and blog will support it to help peopel getting to know us.

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