Monday, December 20, 2010

Cube Sculptures

Within a day or two after my first post on box sculptures, I was on the phone with my friends Chris and Laura, both visual designers and educators.

Chris used the word cube instead of box and immediately my mind went back to my sophomore year where she taught analytical drawing that started with the cube. But more powerful, the word freed me of function — a box being a container, but the cube being form. A cube can be manipulated, its dimensional geometry explored and reformed. It's sculptural. A cube could still evolve to be a container if I chose — where and how it opens to enter and hold (containers are a theme I've wanted to investigate in some of my work). I began by sketching cubes, geometric shapes and openings, then moved on to arranging 3"x3" chipboard squares to create cube-like forms.

Then I spoke with my other friend Laura and she suggested, "why don't you apply your drawings instead of the paper?" I nearly died it was so simple and clear. I chose my recent India tile sketches because they are expressive and have their own underlying structure, and found that the cube with a one-paneled opening worked best to compliment these particular drawings.

I thank Chris and Laura for their thoughtful engagement and insight into my process. It's been wonderfully freeing, and I really like the results! See more here. 

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