Friday, October 16, 2009

No pretty pictures on this post

But it's still inspiring if you read.

I wanted to share a site that I found to be an instant intrigue for me.

I'm the type of person that forms an opinion very quickly, possibly too quickly. I have no attention span, if it were up to me to hire designers it would be rough for anyone to get through my judgement. I wouldn't even make it. I'm not saying I dislike most everything, just that if you don't put the best thing in front of me before any other visual image, then I'll move along in less than 10 seconds. That first impact is everything!
But, I think with the computer age - more and more people are equally as distracted.

So at the same time, I'm not sure why I instantly love this. Because there's not a whole lot of very mature and organized design going on. Maybe that's exactly why it draws my interest.

1. It's called Barstool Romantic. the name itself already scores a few cool points.

2. The about link reads "The Barstool Romantic celebrates the wanderers, explorers, vagabonds, beats, carousers, rebels, hell-raisers and originals of the world. Those great ideas of freedom and the open road; drinking, laughing and loving like hell; getting out there and into it."
My thoughts: Right on... amazing.. this is what I'm dreaming, living, and striving to live like daily. I value freedom and curiosity for the world way too much.

Scroll down a bit.

3. “ I am sending you
postcards from a place
where I am not.

We’re not tourists, we’re travelers

a tourist is someone who
thinks about going home the
moment they arrive

whereas a traveler
might not come
back at all.”

Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky


i love you.

4. oh but wait.. there's also a Diane Arbus photo further down the stream... affirmed!

p.s. I found it through Joanna Goddard's blog.

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