Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miles Aldridge

Another photographer/artist that I admire, is Miles Aldridge. I guess in most every case, if someone admires someone, it may be because I relate, or in the case of being a visual artist, I have the same affinities. Like 50's 60's retro inspired styles, but pumped up.

He caught my eye again recently because some of his shots actually reminded me of things that I have created recently. Mine are not nearly as impressive though. He is a master! But I someday hope to get close to this amazingness.

It's so hard to keep my mind going in one direction, or going for one goal. I'm like a goldfish. I have many visual interests. and I can't settle on one "style." is that bad? I don't want to settle. I want to remain varied. but be great at achieving all of them, and continue to change every time.

I can say though, that color runs almost everything for me.

Go to his website, also take a look at his bio.

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