Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What do I enjoy? What do you enjoy?

Why do I work in the visual world?

My daily routine is thinking about what other people like to see. I work in Advertising, so it makes sense to create something that other people would be drawn to. But the truth is that everyone should make what they love. Somehow, when it's something you love, usually other people will see the heart you put into it.

I've noticed that when I'm taking pictures, it's a totally different thought process. I'll think mostly about the current situation. "If I try to take a picture of this person, will they get angry? or be offended? or just think i'm psycho."

I know the point is to shoot what I want to. But photography is so instant. Especially because of digital photography. There are so many factors that can change the way a photo looks, not only things like camera setting and lighting, but what's affecting the photographer. It's an interesting thing to figure out what the photographer was thinking about when they took a photo.

Oddly enough, my favorite pictures may just be the unplanned ones. Like this one.

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