Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LiveJournal - the early "social network"

It seems that a lot of my friends who used to use LiveJournal, as if it was a daily "have to," are still using it. And I too use it sometimes, but usually just to let out rants and emotions that I otherwise have no one else to share them with. so my readers of those are my old friends from college. from back in the day when LiveJournal was the cool thing.

Is it still cool? are kids using it these days?
I'm assuming all traffic has gone to Facebook. (i love facebook too)
With that said though, is LiveJournal like this for many other people who used to use it daily? do they still use it? Are there other pockets of friends who use it to keep in touch?
Perhaps LiveJournal is now a collection of mid 20's and 30's individuals still keeping in touch with one another. LiveJournal, to me, has become a very authentic place. It's more like a collection of letters. And to think that it used to be weird quizzes and weird questions, and messing around with each other. showing off. and all the while a public journal.

But it's really pretty neat to think about how I can go to my old journal and read posts of those people I'm really close to. or once was, and will always feel close to and love.

and then I can go to Facebook and read about people that i knew in high school who I've completely lost touch with, people who i've met once randomly, and people that I know now and see on a regular basis.

Don't forget Twitter. I've set mine up to send me a constant stream of inspiration and quotes, and posts by people who I admire. But most of the people on Twitter, I don't really know. Of course there's some close friends on there. but that's not the majority of my stream.

Really, I can hardly remember what life was like without cell phones or things like Facebook and LiveJournal. It's all made it so easy, and strangely impersonal. Are we going to forget how to act face to face? I already have a hard enough time doing that as it is.

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