Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In order from left to right, these people happen to be on the same cover. I first thought that Blake lively would be a really good sailor Jupiter. And then I saw this cover, and realized the rest actually fit pretty well.

Kristen Stewart, mars

Blake lively, Jupiter

Emma Roberts, mercury

Amanda seyfried, Venus

Now to find a sailor moon! And tux!

If you didnt know, my new goal in life is to art direct the American live action sailor moon movie. I have realized this as ive gotten more involved in film,..... and this week ive been watching super s on dvd. Yeah I'm a little unserious because this has 1 percent chance of happening, but it would be the best icing to the cupcake that is my life.


And I feel a little silly. If I had it my way, it would be completely awesome. But I suspect that if it ever did get made, it would be completely terrible, like that batman movie with Mr freeze. At least it would look really cool.

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