Sunday, February 24, 2008

my favorite part

for me, the best part of these little light specimens is the engineering that goes on along the way. it is a lot of fun to experiment and this light in particular gave us plenty of problems to solve.

here is a heat test on the green transformer. the transformer and little red circuit let us run the LEDs on a regular wall plug. green transformer failed but the yellow one passed with flying colors.

here is d making the circuit. i am so glad he loves the soldering iron. our old one shorted out and caught fire while i was using it. it was in my hand flaming with big sparks while plugged into the wall. i am now afraid of the soldering iron. it is the boogey man and as d would say, i am a delicate flower.

all the connections, nice and neat.

this container is big but the mouth is small, so the base had to be cut into three pieces, wired with slack, folded up and squeezed through. this is my first LED specimen! look at my cute transformer! i can not wait to put it all together.

last chore of the day, watching glue dry. yes, i am in my robe and slippers....from three days ago..... sad but true.

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