Tuesday, February 12, 2008

chris redecke, peter zumthor and getting one's peacocks in a row

i was reading an article about peter zumthor's kolumba project and all the lacy architecture reminded me of another project i have been watching by none other than chris redecke. mr. redecke's design for peacock pavilions (of my marrakesh fame) looks to me as if it has been crocheted of concrete. so massive, but delicate. so solid, but open. the maze of archways and openings is exciting, like unwrapping a present within a present.

i have always loved architecture, even as a small child. i used to walk around with my mother's hand mirror under my chin just to make my house more interesting. that way, you could step over door frames as you entered rooms and walk around ceiling fixtures that became lighted side tables. that is the first thing that came to mind when i saw the pierced dome above, i imagined what it would look like in the mirror and how fun it would be to walk down into it.

a little bird tells me chris is a modernist at heart and is completely preoccupied with the casting of shadows with light, not with his carbon footprint. admirable indeed. he has done a beautiful job here marrying the clean, soothing modern aesthetic with the exotic tradition of marrakesh. what an excellent quality of space and light. check the light in the room above. it is all such a dream.

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