Monday, January 28, 2008

nutre arayavanish

i very much admire this work by nutre arayavanish. i love the idea of the posted jewelry. particularly the letter that you write, fold, mail and the recipient reads, cuts out and wears. everyone is so involved. i am a big fan of interactive design. i think it is so fascinating. i love to participate and nutre is full of good ideas. necklace in an envelope below.

postable jewelry

treasure lock keeps your jems under lock and key, to be released when worn.

petal wreath. you pop this necklace out of the wood sheet and pop open as many beads as you would like to wear open and leave the rest flat.

i also appreciate her metalwork. her flourish series uses slotting, folding and riveting. this one is my favorite.

put your rose petals in this silver clip and wear the scent of fresh roses around your neck. she also offers a rose brooch. great idea. i would add a sprig of lavander to mine.

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