Monday, January 28, 2008

helen amy murray

you have probably already seen the critically acclaimed work of helen amy murray. since i no longer buy magazines, i am often the last to know! i have also developed a wicked twitch whenever i drive by the bookstore. i miss it so...

ANYWAY, her technique is patent pending and she wants to be a big star. it seems she is well on her way. her work looks incredibly technically involved. most of it is in leather, which is not my favorite, but i am sure before long she will be busting out some new materials. my custom order would be fish scales in heather charcoal cashmere. though the peony is very nice!


fish scales

you may check out her upholstered pieces here.


p.s. once, in a huge 200 acre sculpture garden where you wind through the woods on a trail, i came across a huge boulder size sculpture that looked like a giant boulder except that it was completely covered in carved scales. it left such a huge impression. (no pun intended) i sat with that rock for the longest time and then skipped the last half of the trail so i could go back and sit with it some more. it had been there a long time and had some mosses growing on it. i think about it surprisingly often.

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