Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm calling it! It's Over! Electric Lion is Dead. Long Live Electric Lion.

Jan Hinson for birmingham Magazine

I'm calling it. Electric Lion is done! It's been going for 2 Years 275 Days, with blog posts every day for two of those years and 2.5 blogs per week for this year, on average, and a bit under a thousand posts.

More importantly, my original goal is been totally destroyed, I've learned so much about making photographs, learned so much about myself (even if it'd be hard to articulate what those things are), and I'm finally at a place where I can comfortably walk away from this project. BUT I AM NOT DONE POSTING PHOTOS AND BLOGGING ABOUT THEM. And in that spirit, I'll tell you all something else.

Finally, my new site is more or less done, and is online. THIS will be the hub of all my photo activity henceforth and thus the transplanted home of Electric Lion, Poptpop, and the blog that is/was on (which will also come down very soon). is now up!

Being a concise portfolio and a unified location for almost anything related to my photos. That's the goal of the new site. As such, you'll see tighter edits of images in the portfolios and consistent blog posts about new work, ideas, travel crap, thoughts about photography stuffs, poptpops, personal work, etc.


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I hope the new blog serves not only as a place to keep new work updated, but a place to start conversations and do my best to keep the updates consistent and interesting.

I'll eventually put up one more blog here with a long term note about the new blog and its URL.

For now, please go HERE.


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