Tuesday, November 13, 2007

jean-michael othoniel

le bateau de larmes 2004
i am always a pushover for glass. this boat installation by jean-michael othoniel is so magical. everything i love all rolled into one; glass, light, boat, the suggestion of the sea. jean-michael took this cuban boat, abandoned after it's voyage to maimi, and added crowns, chains and necklaces of glass. his sculpture "floats on the water like a ghost ship, loaded with tears of suffering and joy, overflowing with memories and covered by festive ornaments". i wish i could scoop up all the original passengers and stand them in front of it. i wonder what they would think, what they would say, what the artist would do next after he heard their story...

bottle of tears
"transformations, mutations of materials, and rites of passage from one state to another echo an essential rite in the artist’s work: that of journeys and memory. the notion of wound or injury is at the heart of his work." i feel it.

all photographs via galerie emmanuel perrotin.

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