Saturday, October 13, 2007

de vera

on suggestion of a VERY stylish david, i paid a visit to de vera while in new york. if you have not been yourself, you must go straight away. not only is everything there spectacularly beautiful, wildly unusual and interesting, but the folks keeping shop are....FRIENDLY, INFORMATIVE and HELPFUL! is it just me who inspires keepers of fabulous shops to only reluctantly give fragments of information when i ask about their beautiful wares? perhaps they can tell by looking at me that i will not be purchasing the bowl with the price in the five digits and decide that information on the beautiful vessel will be given on a need to know basis. not so at de vera.

it was obvious we would not be buying the $45,000 temple bear when my husband made an involuntary noise upon hearing the price, but a very nice man answered all of our many questions anyway. when my son was convinced that the glass hermit crab was small enough for him to afford given he had $22 in his pocket, the very nice man went downstairs, opened the case, let my son hold the glass crab, took it upstairs, looked up the price in the catalog and did not even hint at annoyance when my child was $353 short.

if i could, i would shop there for anything and everything i ever needed. i hope that if you can, you will. and if you need an ancient brass temple bear about the size of very fat bulldog...... i'm telling you, it is really gorgeous!

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