Saturday, February 24, 2007

david wiseman

a new installation in new york by david wiseman which he likens to a charm necklace turned into a chandelier. i can not tell from this photograph if there is bronze (i find bronze highly irresistible) mixed in with the porcelain. i seriously LOVE his work and i NEED more photographs. i appreciate how his work feels like fantasy but you can not call it "cute". a million things, but not cute. although i can appreciate "cute" i do not tend to bring it home. even when i really want to because it is soooo cute. i love pretty and sometimes over the top which can, overall, be quite unaffordable. for that reason, i do not tend to bring pretty and over the top home either..... however, those items ARE purchased with wild abandon for the houses in my head. and on another note, i still NEED to hug one of his vases. one day i will see one in person and i will fit all my fingertips into the little dents when i pick it up. i can't wait.

i know you have seen it twice but i can't help it. it's a bronzed beauty.

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